And the reason is...

8:41 PM

This is it, my new blog! Horaay~ :D

I'm not used to post something in my previous blog regularly, but I hope I can do better this time. I close my old blog because I want to start my blog-life with something fresh…even I used to change my blog title, but this time I feel that I have to make another blog. Call me moody, ‘ababil : abg labil’ or whatever, I just keep trying to find something that fits me.

Sometimes I write in English (which is I'm not really mastered actually, I’m still learning), Indonesian, and a little bit of Javanese .

I write everything I like to, my feeling, my day, my cat, my friends, my little story, and stuff that maybe don’t even matter with anything but I write it anyway, so…forgive my randomness T,T

Feel free to follow and I like some comments too :)

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  1. nggayai saiki blog nggo boso english, jd ra mudeng, haha

  2. buat belajar e mas, nggak semuanya bahasa Inggris og. hehehe

    follow ya :D

  3. hai .. bundo :D udah ku follow tuh, hhahaha ..

  4. Lebih ringan ini layoutnya. Nggak berat di mata.