{Lir} Shop : Review

11:03 PM

I wanted to go to Lir after one of my fellas told me there's a cafe which serves Butterbeer from Harry Potter series and ginger ale from Enid Blyton's novels. This is like the dream comes true, I always curious with the 'limun jahe' in Famous Five series! So, two days ago I went to Lir Shop with my friends.

Lir Shop took place in Jl. Anggrek1/33 Baciro, Yogyakarta. It was a small cafe in the middle of redisential, so it's a bit hard to find it. The atmosphere was so quiet when I got there. In the front of the shop, there was a tree with cups dangled on it. It got me thinking, it would be wonderful if they put little lamps in the bottom of the cups and turn them on at night. But I think Lir's idea was 'go green', so it's a slight opportunity for them to do that such a wasful decorative things. But still, I think it was a great idea ;)

the dangled cups
what a pity, we didn't come when the bands playing :(

They named their cafe Mooi. There was only one table of costumers when I got there. There were only six tables so I was glad that we had choices to decide where we gonna sit. When we arrived, the waiter gave us menu and The Story Tree Book (if I'm not mistaken) which the customers can write anything about their day at Lir Shop.

The chairs and the tables were outside the shop. The  chairs and the table were cute, they were in white and green pastel color. I like the table number, it was so cute and colorful. It gave us feeling like we were in the middle of picnic in summer time. I'd always prefer autumn and winter atmosphere, but I enjoy summer and spring too.

it's so cute, isn't it?

our table

the menu is so adorable <3

It was around 1 pm when I and my friends order our food. I was a bit disappointed when I found out that the ginger ale didn't come in personal glass but in a pitcher, so I didn't order that... :(

Here's some pictures of food and beverage we ordered.

hot butterbeer

citrus smoothies

curry fried rice

mother bear's porridge
I ordered some beverage called Pink-something-Summer too (i dont remember the complete name), but i forgot to take the picture. Overall food had a good taste but the curry fried rice was too salty for me.

The food costs around 9k - 25k, and the beverage was about 4k - 14k. I'm not sure about the cost range because I don't remember the cheapest and the most expensive menu -____-

After a long chat with my friends and had some laugh, we went inside to the shop. There was Summer and Spring Store which provide some clothes, bags, and jewelry in summer theme. Well, it seems like the owner really loves all the things about summer and spring time :)

What I like about Lir Shop :
               + very quiet atmosphere, nice place to relax or to read some books
               + cute summer-spring stuff
               + tasty food and beverage
               + not too expensive
               + friendly waiter/waitress
               + at sometimes, they hold nice and creative events (i know it from their blog)

What I don't really like about Lir Shop :
               - one of the napery in my table had wide stain on it, though it was a clean table
               - theres just little variation of food in menu

Anyway, my friends and I had a nice day at Lir Shop! I will go there again someday. Maybe you should try the taste of Mooi by Lir Shop too, where the fiction and reality mingle. That's what they say, so come and prove it! :)

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