I Feel Ugly Today

5:11 PM

2NE1, a girl band from Korea
I don't know why they took these pictures, I just googled it,
but I'm proud of them for being brave by showing their faces without make up.

One thing I know about beauty is it's all about perception. It doesn't matter to have flat nose, fatty arms, pimples, or whatever, if you perceive that beauty is not about the looks. But it is, sometimes, that's just the truth. I'm not talking about 'the truth' that pure comes from heart, but the truth that happens in reality. Sometimes people see beauty from what we looks physically. Sometimes beauty is skin-deep and that sucks.

Note : I always believe that beauty is all about what's on our mind.

Sometimes I get jealous when I see beautiful girls. Not just the pretty ones, but girls that so cute and so creative. I don't know whether it comes from last child factor or it's just me feeling envy. I'm not a type of girl that feeling and looking pretty in every seconds of the day, I'm grumpy and when I'm in the wrong mood I'm not even close from the word 'attractive'.

And today, I woke up on the wrong side of bed and that makes me feel ugly. And when we feel ugly, bam!, we are.

So I guess all I need to do is find a way to cure my bad mood and then I'll have confidence to feel pretty again. Hmmm... a stick of ice cream wont be bad...

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  1. "And when we feel ugly, bam!, we are."
    Well, now I know one thing about ugliness and beauty: they are infectious.
    Hahaha :D

  2. oh yes, they're infectious just like disease ;)