Why Did I Even Care So Much About This Post's Title I Can't Even

9:22 PM

Aren't you tired? Falling into the same hole again and again. Making the same turn, knowing you'll get in the same place over and over again.

Do you realize how many times you've written something like this?

Okay now don't get so emotional right now.

Oh, you're feeling numb instead?

Feeling bored?

Want to end it all?


Why are you afraid to change so much? Is it about that uniqueness identity shit you've been holding on? Is it about your ego to appear strong but deep inside you're weak as that silk tofu thingy crumbles on the cutting board?

You see, you think you're above anyone else.

Guess what?

You're not. Not a single milimeter.

The thing that you do everyday seems not working. So, stop. Do something else. Try something else and stick with it. 

It's hard, but it's not the hardest thing in the world at least give it a try and don't give up on yourself.

The shitty feelings you have, everyone has it, okay. Maybe for the same reason, maybe for a whole lot different reasons. You don't need to make sure that everyone knows what you're going through because it doesn't matter. Just show them, say it once or twice, and let them think what they want to think.

Don't. Feed. Your. Ego.

I know, I know. The attention is fun, the feeling that people recognize you or what you do is one of the best. But for now, you set your bar too low.

Too low. For too long.

You avoid things that matter and choose to give your attention to small things that doesn't affect much in your life over and over and over and oh my God just stop.

Did you...

Did you just google antidepressant?

You need to go to a real psychiatrist for that and don't you dare google where to buy it without prescription.

Do you need to see a real psychologist this time?

You know what, do what you thing necessary. If it helps, then it's good. Try it. You know the drill. It always come back to yourself. The others are just helping you to do it, so help yourself. 

It's not about hating who you are. You hate what you've become, it's still you, but it's not the only thing that define you. You get this?

I love you so much.



It sucks being stuck in this cage, it has been years. There's something out there for you. There's a lot of things that you need to see, you need to learn, things that all of your senses need to feel that so you can have a better understanding about life on earth and the essence of it.

You realize you have the key in your palm, don't you?

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