My New...Hobby?

8:12 PM

Lately I've been thinking (and feeling) that watching TV series is my new hobby. When I've nothing to do, I'll open my netbook and start watching/downloading them. (Piracy? Guilty as charged T~T)

It makes me happy when I'm sad, it makes me feel better when I get a bad day, and it makes my day even brighter when I've been feeling good all day B)


Here's the list of my favourite TV series :

  2. The Big Bang Theory
  3. Modern Family
  4. Community
  5. Leverage
  6. FlashForward
  7. The Last Man Standing
  8. The IT Crowd
  9. Castle
  10. Glee
And the rest....still in progress becoming my favourite :p

I want to write post for each of them, so then you can try watch them if you're interested too (like one of my friend who did some kind of review) but I don't know when I have much time for that, I'll do my best though.

Horaaaay~ I've found my new hobby besides eating all the food! :D

This picture? I just googled it.

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  1. suggestion : coba nonton "How I Met Your Mother", Dhit... hehehehe

  2. Udah nonton Din, nyampe season 7, tapi bukan favoritku sih. Aku masih lebih suka Friends :3

    Ora mas. Masa-masa itu sudah berlalu -____-