More Than Twice

9:25 PM

Actually I wrote something that I can not wait to share with you. Yeah, you, anyone who randomly end up reading my blog. Thank you for reading anything I put in here. *hugs*

Anyway, I wrote some fiction a couple days ago. I thought it was pretty great so I sent it to two of my close friend to read it. I wanted them to correct the grammar and I really really really want to hear their opinions. The next morning, I couldn't wait to post it here and they had not read it yet, so I said to myself, "Hey, we can always correct them later, post it when do you want to post it!". And as I copy-paste it, I re-read it again. Then I realized that it was crap.

Like. Oh my God. I'm so embarrassed.

I told my friends to don't bother to read it because it was so effing awful. It was a mess. It was ridiculous.

It was *&^$#!

My defense is, it was the very first draft, of course it was crap. But I can't forget how excited I was when I sent it to my friends. I wrote it while waiting for my friends for almost 4 hours (yeah, lucky me I brought my laptop). I'm so....oh my God, was I drunk from drinking caffeine?!

I really want to make it better, so I try to elaborate the elements of the story. What is the problem there? The character's flaws? It will be more than two chapters, won't it? The grand plot?

This is why I really need to learn about creative writing, really about all the single things about it. Now I know one thing though. Always re-read what we write, again and again in different times, more than twice.

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  1. Hwaaa maafkan aku membuatmu menunggu selama 4 jam :")))))

  2. ..tetep aku baca ah kalau gitu :))

    1. Kalau gitu kamu wajib kasih tahu pendapatmu ke aku :))